Visal Parola,

“James was very professional and spot on when it came to meeting my expectations. I’ve never worked with another recruiter that responds as quickly to my queries. It was a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend their services.”

client: Visal Parola,
Andreas Bastian Hansen, Oticon

“James'senthusiasm for what they do really shines through. They are professional, efficient, pleasant to work with, and know their clients’ needs well. This makes it easy for me to give my highest recommendation to James and his ability to find the right person for the job.”

client: Andreas Bastian Hansen, Oticon
Dušan Novakovic, GoSpoort

“James has proven to be a super-efficient recruiter. They are excellent at understanding candidate profiles and budgets. I would definitely recommend them as a recruiter to other companies struggling to find the right candidate.”

client: Dušan Novakovic, GoSpoort

“I had the pleasure of working with James when he connected me to my current employer. The position is a perfect match, although it is a step up for me. James was an active and reliable liaison during the negotiation process, and I can highly recommend them whether you are looking for a new position or your company is searching for skilled candidates."

candidate: Jacob Hostrup Henriksen, EG Kommuneinformation

“Cube helped me secure a position as a freelance developer when my other contacts failed. They ware very professional during the entire process and made sure that I was kept up to date throughout the process. I felt that they had my best interests in mind and worked hard to secure me a good contract. I can only give my best recommendation to Cube and hope that we will be doing business again in the future.”

candidate: Bjorn Smith, Saxo Bank

“Professional and pleasant best summarises my experience working with CW-Talent. They helped me land a new position with interesting challenges in an area I’m passionate about. I would definitely recommend exploring your career options in collaboration with Cube.”

candidate: Lasse Nørregaard, Leo Pharma A/S
Klaus Wenzel Jørgensen, Gyldenal

"It is always a pleasure to make business with James. He is quick and is good in understanding the requirements when looking for new candidates. When the initial communication and requirements is set his communication is fast and to the point, making the process easy for my part."

client: Klaus Wenzel Jørgensen, Gyldenal

"Scott is a professional when it comes to helping you find your next dream role. He'll look into the best interests of both you and your prospective employer. He's straightforward with his communication and doesn't let your recruitment process be stuck in limbo. He positively changed my perception of recruiters and headhunters."

candidate: Zain U., Senior Software Engineer at Yeay

"I'm very glad that Chris had found me. Just in two weeks very professionally and very efficiently he has landed me in very interesting and promising start-up helping with all arrangements and negotiations. Your work is very appreciated. Thank you very much, Igor"

candidate: Igor Nikolaev, VP of Engineering at Tracks

"William was always there ready to help and take care of everything while giving updates all the way. He really made sure to understand what works best for me and connect all parties. Will helped me into an amazing job. The process has been one of the best already - also very much thanks to a rare gem like him!"

candidate: Sandro Manke
Celina Martin, Neofonie Mobile GmbH

"Aran is a great business partner, acting always very fast, professional and he is very dedicated to his work. He was providing very good candidates which we could successful hired at Neofonie Mobile GmbH. I really enjoyed the work with him, he is very helpful and delivers a high level of the work."

client: Celina Martin, Neofonie Mobile GmbH

"Scott Hastings is an excellent recruiter who has been very supportive throughout my job hunting process. Thanks to him I successfully landed a job at Templafy. In this context, not only did he mediate communication with the company, but he also handled all organisational aspects, making the application process effortless. His patience, intuition and perfect timing became apparent from the first moment he presented the desirable opportunity at Templafy. Scott’s friendly approach and lively personality stood out as an immediate advantage in his field as he thoroughly guided me before each interview, set up the expectations and informed me of what I should prepare. Overall, I had a positive experience working with Scott Hasting, and I can wholeheartedly recommend him to any candidate looking for new challenges."

candidate: Cristiana Man, Full-stack Developer at Templafy

"I am very pleased with the professionalism and the process itself, clear communication and an overall good experience."

candidate: Rasmus Søe Christensen Software-developer/architect at AUTOproff

"Working with Will was an awesome experience, it couldn't have gone smoother and his communication was always very quick and concise. He takes the time to understand the opportunity and candidate in depth, and represents with honesty and candor. He was transparent and extremely proactive in following up along every step of the way, and always available to answer my questions regarding the target opportunities. I am very glad to have the opportunity to know Will,Thank you."

candidate: Mahkameh J. Shirazi User Experience Designer at Cornelsen Verlag GmbH

"Aran is a committed and fantastically able professional, always looking to help. Personable and hardworking, he is great at leading a project in a timely manner. Working with him was easy and I felt supported. I am pleased to recommend him."

client: Noémie Huck Marketing Manager

"She was a bit stand-offish to start with but quickly warmed to me. I can definitely confirm that Lottie's (the office dog) bark is worse than her bite."

client: Anonymous visitor to Cube Office