Senior Games Developer - German Gaming Business - Completed
26th March 2021

Position: Senior Games Developer

Location:   Munich

Duration: 3 weeks

This was an interesting project for our company; working in partnership with an exciting established gaming business, based in Munich who are up scaling for 2021.

The assignment was to identify and secure a Senior Games Developers who would design and develop new features and systems for updates on live titles.

Our team had an in-depth video with the board and C-Suite, to establish the exact skillset and personality match required.

We were instructed; and within 2 days CW Talent was able to zero in a Long List of candidates into a short list using our the latest AI-ATS system & An Integrated Video bases Candidate Screening tool.  

Through out the whole process CW Talent were involved, including pre-screening and qualification of all applicant, arranging requirements meetings, maintaining momentum and finally in the negotiation of candidate offers/packages.

Our client understood that the right partner, will always attract the right talent and a culture fit with the desired technical specs was critical to their expansion and development. CW Talent were able to complete the project & satisfy the client within 3 weeks from brief to signing the right talent.