React Native Developers - Danish Startup - Completed
19th March 2021

Position:   React Native Developers to head up, an established team of developers.

Location:   Copenhagen

Duration: 3 weeks

This was an exciting project for our company; working in partnership with an exciting Start-up based in Copenhagen who are up scaling for 2021 on a very successful 2020.

The assignment was to identify and secure 2 React / Native Developers who would develop the product and work on new prototypes to go to market.

Our team had an in-depth video with the board and C-Suite, to establish the exact skillset and personality match required.

We were instructed; within 2 days after mapping similar companies and local competition, we went to market to promote the business and the position to professionals within our network.

Through out the whole process CW Talent were involved, including pre-screening and qualification of all applicant, arranging requirements meetings, maintaining momentum and finally in the negotiation of candidate offers/packages.

Our client understood having a partner who knew their geographical, culture and technical space was critical to their expansion and development. CW Talent were able to satisfy both projects within 3 weeks from brief to signing the right talent.