New Partnership - 3D Animator - Dutch Gaming Business
14th July 2021

3D Animator - Dutch Gaming Business

Position: 3D Animator

Location: Hilversum, North-Holland 

We at CW Talent are excited to be partnered with this exciting Dutch Gaming business.

Our Client's business was founded in 2011 in Holland, when the founders set out to create entertainment games with style. They have large growth ambitions and are constantly optimizing their games to meet and exceed user needs.

On this occasion we have been retained to secure a 3D Animator, to help create their new game. This involves creating sincere and believable action.

As an Ideal Candidate You Must have.... 

  • Shipped at least 1 game or worked at least 3 years professionally as an animator on a 3D game.
  • Can animate realistic/believable action movement using a proportioned human figure
  • Can draw basic keyframes of the human form to plan out animations
  • Experience with creating or working from storyboards and mise-en-scène
  • Has natural style and confidence in their animations and can refrain from videogamey, pop culture and cartoony tropes.
  • Interested but also independent, asks questions and communicates clearly with the rest of the team to create the best work within the scope and vision of the project.


  • Can speak at least rudimentary Dutch.
  • Experience with using 3DS Max for animation.
  • Located in the Netherlands.
  • Sense of style from being into streetwear, skateboarding, graffiti, hip hop or other street activities

If you would like to discuss the games, the brand and the role … Get in touch and we can schedule a meeting!