Completed Project - Sr. Hardware Electrical Designer - German Robotics Business
17th January 2022

Completed Project - Sr. Hardware Electrical Designer - German Robotics Business

Position: Sr. Hardware Electrical Designer

Location: Berlin, Germany

Duration: 4 weeks

Our client is an up and coming start-up, developing a mobile robotics application for the retail sector in Germany. They have an ambitious and exciting projects in the pipeline that will require people who are motivated and are initiators, to make things happen.

This was an opportunity to join a successfully funded mobile start-up in Berlin. Our client is looking for someone with a mindset focused on production and safety critical systems. The person will be responsible for ensuring high quality of the electrical and hardware design for the next generation of retail focused mobile robots. 

Our client has put into motion huge growth and investment plans and on this occasion have retained us to secure a Sr. Hardware Electrical Designer lead their business forward.

We found the project very exciting to work on due to the nature of the business & the people involved being so passionate about, what they do.

After mapping out multiple companies and identifying the right candidates to shortlist, the professional who eventually secured the role clearly had the ‘passion’ and technical ability to embrace this role and the company.

He had kind words to say about CW Talent & we would love to share this with our network.

"I was recently headhunted by CW-Talent for a Sr. Hardware Electrical Designer role. They were really great and professional! Very communicative and friendly, and really supportive and present throughout. . I appreciate their efforts and absolutely recommend working with CW-Talent.