Completed Project - Full Stack Developer - German Fintech Business
22nd May 2023

Completed Project - Full Stack Developer - German Fintech Business

Position: Full Stack Developer

Location:  Berlin

Duration: 4 weeks

Our Client is a segment leading, German Fintech. Our client has put into motion huge growth and investment plans and they were keen to secure a Full Stack Developer to lead the business forward envisioning & developing the planned product releases.

We found the project very exciting to work on due to the individuals in the business being so motivated and passionate about their business and growth.

After mapping out multiple companies and identifying the right candidates to shortlist, the professional who eventually secured the role clearly had the ‘drive’ and technical ability to embrace this role and the company.

He had kind word to say about CW Talent we would love to share with our network.

"I was recently headhunted by CW-Talent for a Full Stack Developer role. Between Mac and James there was plenty of contact throughout the process. Although there were several non-standard asks, from the initial call with the client right through to contracts signed.

CW-Talent manged the expectations of either side really well. It was a really nice experience, ending with a contract om my table."