Completed Project - Full Stack Developer - Dutch Gaming Business
10th June 2021

Completed Project - Full Stack Developer - Dutch Gaming Business

Position: Full Stack Developer

Location:  Amsterdam

Duration: 3 weeks

Our client is a Dutch Start Up Gaming Business which partnered with CW Talent to help them grow with the right talent. We were asked to secure a skilled Full Stack Developer to help within their Development Department.

We mapped out numerous companies and identified the right candidates to contact, using our latest AI systems. The professional who eventually secured the role clearly had the right mindset, commitment and technical ability to take on this role with the team.

We found the project very exciting to work on due to niche aspects of them being into Crypto Blockchain and NFT games.

Through out the whole process our Team at CW Talent were involved, including pre-screening and qualification of all applicant, arranging meetings, Keeping everyone up to date with the process and finally in the negotiation of candidate offers/packages.

Yet again we are pleased to say we have another very happy client and candidate.