A New Chapter Begins - Woking With CW Talent
16th March 2021

Today, I am so excited to be working with James Cazemage at CW Talent; specializing in onboarding the very best European IT and Marketing talent for our partners.

Coming from a Talent Acquisition and Business Development background; working with IBM, I've been trained on tailor matching the right role to the right candidate.

I thrive on understanding what our clients needs & wants. Which helps me tailor a solution to their requirements.

I love to have those in-depth conversations deep diving into the client and adding our personal touch to the process.

Making sure there is a culture-fit as well as a skill match, recognising the benefits of what the candidate and client will add to each other professional and on a cultural level.

I thoroughly enjoy engaging with candidates and employers alike, getting the finer details in from both parties to ensure it’s the most suitable match for both parties or in this case at CW Talent.

I look forward to Leveraging on and building up on the 3 pillars of our business; Relationships / Value / Transparency.
In every engagement, I will strive to up hold these 3 pillars.
Please do not hesitate to contact for a chat ...

Mail: mac.rodrigues@cw-talent.com Phone: +44 20 4534 0448