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The founder and owner of Cazemage Watson Recruitment

Founder of multiple talent advisory brands including Cube Recruitment Services (Talent Advisory for Danish IT Professionals), Cube Executive Search (C Suite and Director level executive search within Denmark and Germany), Digital Point (Purely advisory service) and the latest most diverse and unique offering CW Talent. Focusing on the Danish and German market place, offering all level search service and advisory within IT and Marketing.

Visal Parola,

“James was very professional and spot on when it came to meeting my expectations. I’ve never worked with another recruiter that responds as quickly to my queries. It was a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend their services.”

client: Visal Parola,
Andreas Bastian Hansen, Oticon

“James'senthusiasm for what they do really shines through. They are professional, efficient, pleasant to work with, and know their clients’ needs well. This makes it easy for me to give my highest recommendation to James and his ability to find the right person for the job.”

client: Andreas Bastian Hansen, Oticon

“I had the pleasure of working with James when he connected me to my current employer. The position is a perfect match, although it is a step up for me. James was an active and reliable liaison during the negotiation process, and I can highly recommend them whether you are looking for a new position or your company is searching for skilled candidates."

candidate: Jacob Hostrup Henriksen, EG Kommuneinformation
Klaus Wenzel Jørgensen, Gyldenal

"It is always a pleasure to make business with James. He is quick and is good in understanding the requirements when looking for new candidates. When the initial communication and requirements is set his communication is fast and to the point, making the process easy for my part."

client: Klaus Wenzel Jørgensen, Gyldenal
James Cazemage

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