At CW Talent, we pride ourselves on placing the right candidates in the right positions every time.

Our detailed understanding of the IT and marketing industries has made us experts in these fields, and we also benefit from our comprehensive understanding of the cultures of every geographic location in which we work. Our partnership, contingency and freelance services offer solutions to any requirement and circumstance.

CW Talent Partnership

CW Talent Partnership is our boutique service offering, boasting a 100% success rate. Your assigned team of CW Talent consultants will focus all of their attention on finding and hiring the ideal professional for you within your required timeframe. You’ll also be offered first refusal on our exclusive list of candidates, who will be provided with detailed references and skills matrices.

CW Talent Partnership

CW Talent Contingency

With over 100 years’ combined recruitment experience, our team has access to the most extensive and exclusive live candidate network available. This, together with our in-depth knowledge of specialist areas and our experience across the European market, gives us the advantage of effortlessly matching candidates to companies.

CW Talent Contingency

CW Talent Freelance

If you have short-term or urgent recruitment needs, our freelance service gives you immediate access to experts in your field. This service is defined by speed, efficiency and accuracy, and is made possible by our extensive and up-to-date network of highly skilled candidates.

CW Talent Freelance

A comprehensive comparison of the services offered under our partnership and contingency options

Services Partnership Contingency
Full briefing with head of delivery and CW Talent owners
Access to dedicated team of CW Talent consultants  
Access to exclusive CW Talent candidates
First refusal on candidates  
Provision of candidate references
Provision of personal client references
Option to pre-screen and interview candidates
Access to over 50,000 personally networked candidates
Interview preparation
Offer management
Free replacement within agreed time frame
Cost reduction for multiple roles  
Market feedback
Management of technical evaluation  

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Please contact us if you have a role that you would like us to assist in filling for you. One of our team will call you to discuss our services and decide, with you, the ideal format of our engagement.