Start Up trade and Logistics business in Copenhagen - COMPLETED
22nd February 2021

Completed Project - Technical Lead for Start Up trade and Logistics business in Copenhagen

Our client, a Start-Up business based in Copenhagen with huge growth investment and a groundbreaking product. They were keen to secure a Technical Team Leader to lead the business forward.

The right candidate would be responsible for leading from the front on a ‘hands-on’ perspective and spearheading how the company would move technically forward. We found the project very exciting to work on due to the individuals in the business being so motivated and passionate about their business and product.

After mapping out multiple companies and identifying the right candidates to shortlist, the professional who eventually secured the role clearly had the ‘start up’ mentality, proven leadership, and technical ability to embrace this role and company.

He had a kind word to say about CW Talent we would love to share with our network:

“… In the course of being recruited for a Tech Lead role, James headhunted me for the position and it was a pleasure working with James as my agent. 

I was never in doubt as to James’ and his firm’s intentions to find the top match for both the company and me as a candidate. This was a motivating factor throughout the process and a deciding factor when it came to choosing which role to take, when I was
faced with multiple open contracts and companies to join.

Moving forward in my new role as Technical Lead, I will enter into a long-term relationship with James my recruiter/agent of choice as I grow the business. Nice also to see he is not just a sign-on, fee collection, and end of the story, he cares! …”