Completed Project - Technical Lead - German Ecommerce Business
19th May 2021

Completed Project - Technical Lead - German Ecommerce Business

Position: Technical Lead

Location:  Munich

Duration: 2 weeks

Our partner is a German market leading Ecommerce business which has partnered with CW Talent on the back of an excellent Q1 they are looking to scale. The business has large growth plans in many departments, in this case we were retrained to secure a Technical Lead for the Munich office.

The right candidate would be responsible working from the front on a ‘hands-on’ perspective, leading and mentoring a dynamic team of developers. We found the project exciting work on due to the individuals in the business being so motivated and passionate about their business vision & growth.

After mapping out multiple companies and identifying the right candidates to shortlist, using our latest AI-ATS. The professional who eventually secured the role clearly had the right attitude, commitment and technical ability to embrace this role and company.

Through out the whole process CW Talent were involved, including pre-screening and qualification of all applicant, arranging requirements meetings, maintaining momentum and finally in the negotiation of candidate offers/packages.